Who is TrueDemand?

TrueDemand is a professional energy services business that slashes your energy bills and helps you makes sense of the energy market. We provide households, businesses and associations comprehensive analysis for rooftop solar PV, energy efficiency and energy market analysis and advice. Our work focuses developing engineering solutions and energy economic advice for solar PV; energy efficiency technologies (heating, cooling, hot water, cooking); tariff optimisation; design and regulation of energy markets. TrueDemand’s clients include small and large businesses, households; industry associations, consultancies and research organisations.

We win commissions and repeat business from a wide range of clients because we are knowledgeable in our field, we are passionate about helping our clients slash their energy bills and gain ‘clarity’ in an otherwise highly complex and confusing energy market. We are active in both peer-reviewed research work and as a consultancy.

Why “True” and Why “Demand”?

In examining the energy sector, we recognised the need to focus not just on the “supply” side of the energy equation, but also the “demand” side. Before we tackle “supply”, we challenge the “demand” and dig deep in your energy profile. Is that the most efficient demand profile for you? And that’s where the “True” comes in. We work with the client to develop your “TrueDemand” and with that, help you develop a “supply” side solution that matches your “TrueDemand”. Tired of your “demand” on fossil gas? Tired of your “demand” on coal? We are an energy services business that helps you deliver your “TrueDemand”.


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TrueDemand is a professional energy consultancy, energy market analysis, renewable engineering and economics.

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