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Professional – TrueDemand is a professional Australian owned, independent energy solutions consultancy.

Independent – We advise businesses, households, architects, institutions on energy matters. We pride ourselves on being fearlessly independent acting in the best interests of our clients.

Passionate – As energy engineers, we are passionate about bringing you the best strategies to understand the energy markets. We work hard to keep up to date with latest technology, research and development.


Paul Szuster
Paul Szuster is the Director of TrueDemand. Paul is a civil engineer with specialisations in the application of renewable engineering in civil applications, developing technological solutions and robust energy economic analysis. His clients have included small and large businesses, households, and energy economic firms. He has worked mainly in Australia along with teams in Britain, US, and Singapore. He has a Bachelor of Civil/Structural Engineering (Hons) at the University of Adelaide and a Master of Engineering (Sustainable Energy) (Distinct) at RMIT University, Melbourne.
Darcy Denton
Darcy Denton is an Associate with TrueDemand. Darcy is an environmental engineer specialising in renewable energy systems and mechanical engineering. His clients have included homeowners, small and large businesses. He has worked predominantly in Australia, along with stints in Germany and Denmark. He completed a Bachelor of Environmental Engineering at Monash University and a Master of Engineering (Sustainable Energy) at RMIT University, Melbourne.
Herve Senot
Herve Senot is an Associate with TrueDemand with specialisms in energy data, he has a passion for transforming energy data sets into useful and practical visualisations. These energy visualisations provide our clients unparalleled insights. Herve also has significant experience analysing large databases and building web mapping solutions across local government and the private sector. Herve holds a Master of IT and Applied Mathematics and a Graduate Certificate of Engineering (Sustainable Energy) from RMIT University.


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TrueDemand is a professional energy consultancy, energy market analysis, renewable engineering and economics.

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